About Us 

Otto K Photography started as a hobby of a group of photographers and photography enthusiasts who simply love taking photos of nature and landscapes. They were very passionate about what they were doing that they just wanted to share it with the world.

Their passion started from childhood, when they were all growing up together as friends. Even if some of them lost contact for a while and pursued their own interests, they never forgot their love for photography and their desire to just share it with the world.

This is the reason why they came up with this website. They wanted a place to showcase their images and let people view them. Originally, the website was simply a way of just showing off the images in a slideshow manner. Over time and due to demands, the website also started offering downloads, but for a fee, in order for people to have access to the images that this website offer.

Note that the fees go to the maintenance of this website as well as to finance some of the trips being done by the photographers in order to come up with new photos and continuously update this database.

Please know that if you would like us to take specific photos, you can always contact us and we will be happy to discuss this with you. We also accept photography projects that are not limited to landscape or nature photography. Our photographers are also experts in journalistic photography, portraits, among others. We offer various services that you may also want to look into. If you want to know more, just click the Contact Us tab and send us an email.

Just remember that we will always be happy to respond to your photography needs. Otto K Photography is pleased to take photos for your documentaries, articles and books. We are simply the top photographers in Wisconsin guaranteed to give you great images.

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